Kahreen & Kira
Proudly Present

"Belly Dance in Miami - 2018

Kahreen & Kira Proudly Present their Thirty-Second Annual
Weekend Seminar & Gala Evening Show
Featuring Renowned Dance Artist:


Shoshanna - April 21-22, 2018:
Seminar 11:00 a.m - 4:00 P.M

Shoshanna is from Arcata, in the redwoods on California's North Coast. She has danced throughout her life in many styles and found her art in the dance styles of the Middle East in 1991. Shoshanna serves on the dance faculty of Humboldt State University, directs the Ya Habibi Dance Company, produces music and dance events such as the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival, owns Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and teaches and performs across the US. She appears on numerous performance and instructional DVDs and in 2004 earned the title of Belly Dancer of the Year.

Shoshanna’s passions include a strong foundation in Egyptian dance with a fusion of other influences inspired by her extensive dance training. As a performer, Shoshanna strives to express the joy of dancing and the emotional quality of the music. As an instructor, she works to balance artistic and personal interpretation with excellent technical skills and to instill a passion for dance!

Shoshanna is delighted to share some of her favorite elementally inspired dance secrets with the amazing dance community of South Florida. Explore an exciting variety of rhythms, veilwork, choreography and more! Saturday's Workshop will cover The art of AIR…. Enhance the drama and expressive potential of your dancing through use of long veils (four yards!). Explore transitions, techniques and troubleshooting to help you become fluid and effortless with your veilwork so that you're not just wielding a prop, but fully interacting with a "beautiful friend" (as California Dancer DeAnn Adams sometimes called her veil). All levels welcome, and veils will be available to borrow in various lengths and types of fabric. The art of EARTH… Connect to the earthy pulse of the regal 10/8 samai rhythm in combinations, technique and improvisation. Use the rhythm to ground you in the music and then the melody to set you free! Expressive improvisation activities will add to your musical interpretation and depth. We will also integrate veilwork into this class. Bring veils of any length/style, as well as any type of wings and/or fan veils.

Sunday's workshop will cover The art of FIRE… The song “December” on Issam Houshan’s new Hard Raqs Café album is a fast and fiery piece set in a 7/8 rhythm. We’ll start with strong technique drilling, exploring the different types of 7/8 rhythms you might find in Middle Eastern and Balkan music, then delve into combinations that fit this energetic song. Bring plenty of water! The art of WATER… A sparkling, flowing choreography to a 6/8 song “Cask of Alban” by Tim Rayborn that blends influences from Egyptian and Persian dance. Either performed in whole or enjoyed in combinations, this piece will challenge and inspire dancers of all levels, with special attention to three types of swirling turns, incredible rippling arm and hand work and a bit of fancy footwork! Dancers, teachers, students alike don't miss this chance to study under this wonderful artist! For more information on Shoshanna, please check out www.shoshannaland.com.

To see Shoshanna perform, please check out Shoshanna's Performance

Prices for Shoshanna's Workshops:
Please note Deadlines!! - Must be received by 4/10/18

$20.00 - Kahreen & Kira's Class
$80.00 - Saturday or Sunday's Class with Shoshanna
$150.00 - Saturday & Sunday's Class with Shoshanna
$160.00 - Fri., Sat., & Sun. Class (No Show Ticket)
$180.00 - Fri., Sat., & Sun. Class (Plus one show ticket)

$20.00 - Show Ticket(s) - Must be purchased by April 10, 2018
(If purchasing 6 tickets or more, cost will be $17.00 per ticket).

Registration at the door - (Cash Only)
$25.00 - Class with Kahreen & Kira (Registration begins at 6:45 p.m.)
$90.00 Class with Shoshanna, Saturday or Sunday class (One day only)
(10:45 A.M. Registration)
$25.00 Show Tickets (At Door)

Hot Spring Special!

All classes, plus one show ticket.

Must Register Before March 25, 2018

For More Information, please contact:
Pat Cocchi (305)754-0258
1089 N.E. 104th Street
Miami Shores, Fl. 33138

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All events held at:
Miami Shores Recreation Complex
9617 Park Drive
(Between NE 6th Avenue & Railroad Tracks)
Miami Shores, Fl. 33138

Take I-95 to 103rd Street exit, head east until
6th avenue. Make a right turn, (head south) until
you reach the intersection of 96th street and 6th
ave. Make a left turn, Miami Shores Rec. Complex will be your first left.

*** Free parking available.***


Dancers needing accommodations, please contact Kahreen or Kira at (305)754-0258 or kahreen-kira@att.net for local hotels in the area.

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