"Kismet Dance Foundation"

The Kismet Dance Foundation is a newly founded, tax exempt organization (501(c)(3)) whose principal missions are to promote the art of Middle Eastern dance and music through teaching and performance, to encourage cultural awareness for educational and aesthetic reasons and to provide a way of bridging cultural gaps through the art of dance and music. Corporate missions also include (a) taking the authentic dance forms and presenting them in a contemporary setting, (b) teaching and presenting the folkloric and cabaret styles of Middle Eastern Dance, and (c) obtaining and accepting funds for the purpose of conducting corporate activities particularly by providing dance education to make the art of Middle eastern dance and music accessible to children and adults in the general community.

Most recently, Kira and Ghazala did a presentation at Brockway Memorial Library where they discussed the history and different styles of belly dance, costuming and music. They performed a dance demonstration complete with some of the props that are used by belly dancers. The program was well-received with plans to return in the future. To download a flier, please click here Kismet Dance Foundation Presents.

Kahreen, Kira & the Kismet Dance Foundation's work was written up in the Miami Herald, and made the cover story of the Neighbor's section. To read the content of the article, please click here.

General Membership: Anyone who wishes to become a member can do so by attending classes, workshops, or peformances organized by the foundation, and expresses a wish to become involved in organization's activities. General members are encouraged to make recommendations as to the types of material that are taught in classes and workshops, or to offer assistance in tasks that are a necessary part of promoting an event. In addition to these opportunities, members are invited to perform at certain functions that are organized during the year.

Please note: This organization consists of volunteers who provide a service to the community and nurture the arts, and we encourage anyone who has an interest in attending our dance events to contact us. We do not welcome calls or direct contact from marketers and solicitors. For those entities who have a service or a product that they would like to offer us, please contact us by e-mail or mail. Someone from our organization will contact you if interested.

Class Location:
Miami Shores Recreation Complex
9617 Park Drive
Miami Shores, Fl. 33138

For a listing of all of our classes, prices, and to download a class schedule please click here Belly Dance Class Schedule PDF Format

Please check out our complete listing of classes, workshops, and future events.

Kismet Dance Foundation
1089 N.E. 104th Street
Miami Shores, Fl. 33138

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