Kahreen & Kira:
Awarded Two Lifetime Achievement Awards for their contributions to the field of Bellydance!

40 Years of Belly
Dance Classes

by Kahreen!

Kahreen Is Known
for her Taksim Work and Beautiful Hands
and Arms

Celebrating over 30 years of success
& experience in this field!
Her style is soulful and sensual,
an older style that embraces all types
of music.


35 Years of Theatre, Belly
Dance Performances, Choreography, & Instruction

by Kira!

double veil, dragonfire wings, sword,
and floorwork.

Kira is known for her stunning
and powerful interpretive style!

Chosen by Baladi Boutique to debut their own theatrical creation Dragon Fire Wings!

Acclaimed choreographer who works with
modern and traditional styles of music.

Available for private classes & workshops!
To see her perform,
please check out Performance Page.

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