Resume - Kahreen & Kira

Kahreen & Kira
Kismet Dancers of Miami

Resumes for Performing & Teaching
"Experience the dynamic artistry of two of South Florida's longest established performers."

Dance & Performance Experience:

  • Performing Experience:
    • Belly Grams - 24 Years
    • Stage Entertainment - 20 Years
    • Seminar - Dance Troupe Experience- 19 Years
    • Club Performance - 16 Years

  • Choreographer:
    • Middle Eastern Dance - 21 Years
    • Dance Troupe - 16 Years

  • Costume Design: 21 Years
  • Music Study and Editing: 20 Years
  • Has produced professional dance videos and edited videos of annual bellydance shows.- 15 Years
  • Seminar Sponsor/Show Producer- 14 Years
  • Founder/ Director/ Choreographer of the award winning and nationally acclaimed Dance Company "Kismet Dancers of Miami." - 16 Years
  • Winner of Lifetime Achievement Award, February 2000
  • Winner of Zaghareet's Golden Belly Award - November 2003

    Dance & Performance Experience:

  • Dance Experience:
    • Has studied various forms of dance - 30 Years
      • Ballet - 9 Years
      • Jazz - 6 Years
      • Tap - 5 Years
      • Acrobatics - 3 Years
      • Yoga- 7 Years
      • Middle-Eastern Dance - 26 Years

    • Performing experience:
      • Belly Grams - 22 Years
      • Stage Entertainment - 22 Years
      • Seminar - Dance Troupe Experience - 17 Years
      • Club Performance - 18 Years
        • Thirties Cafe - 1 Year
        • Caravan Mediterranean Restaurant - 2 Years
        • Taste of India (Guest performer)
        • Kareem's International Restaurant - 2 Years
        • Beirut Restaurant (Guest performer)
        • Shelbourne Hotel (Guest Performer)
        • Grecian Corner - 6 Months
        • 7 Islands Diner - 1 Year
        • Midway Restaurant - 4 Months
        • Princess Restaurant - 1 Years
        • Leyal Arabian Nights Restaurant (Guest Performer)

      • Present Teaching Experience:
        • Has co-taught, plus teaches at the Miami Shores Recreation Center- 20 Years
        • Taught advanced students at the Conservatory of Fine Arts- 3 1/2 Years
        • Teaches beginner & advanced students at the Little Theatre School- 5 Years
        • Taught beginner students at Lady of America health spa in Aventura- 3 1/2 Years
        • Teaches beginner students at Silver Bluff Elementary- 4 Years
        • Teaches beginner students at Biscayne Elementary - 3 Years
        • Taught specialty class at International Spa - Fisher Island - 1 Year
        • Taught beginner and intermediate students at Aventura Arts Academy 1 1/2 yrs.
        • Taught newly formed class at National Balance Center - 6 months.
        • Taught choreography to students at Hallandale Highschool - 1 semester.
        • Continues to teach bellydance at FIU North Campus, fall and spring semesters for five years.
        • Co-teaches bellydance at Micheal Krop Senior High - 2 years.
        • Has co-sponsored seminars/workshops/ shows - 28 Years

      • Other Accomplishments:
        • Has co-produced and edited professional dance videos of annual bellydance shows.- 28 Years
        • Has assisted in costume design.- 30 Years
        • Co-founder/ co-director/ main choreographer of the award winning and nationally acclaimed Dance Company "Kismet Dancers of Miami." - 25 Years
        • Winner of Lifetime Achievement Award & February 2000
        • Zaghareet's Lifetime Achievement Award November 2003

        Kira and Kahreen have performed and appeared with several local musicians such as Fathi Belalgia and the Eastern Star ensemble, the Hakkani Band, Mohammed Abdel Al, and the George Constantinopolis orchestra. In addition to that, she and several members of the Kismet Dancers of Miami performed with and were featured in a video featuring musical sensation Joseph Salama. The Kismet Dancers of Miami were featured regularly at the Princess Restaurant for approximately 1 years.

        Kismet Dancers of Miami:

        The Kismet Dancers of Miami is a dynamic professional dance company that is dedicated to promoting the Art of Middle Eastern dance. The longest established dance company in the South Florida area, this company consists of 9 members, and is known for their intricate choreographies, brilliant costumes, and high level of professionalism. This company was founded and created by Kahreen and Kira in 1986, and at the present this company is known internationally for their stunning and unique performances. In recent years, the dance company was twice voted the best troupe in the country by Zaghareet! magazine, a well established Middle Eastern dance magazine that is read by dancers/enthusiasts around the world. The Kismet Dancers of Miami appear throughout the State of Florida in dance seminars and at special occasions, and always enhance the level of their dance by studying under the top Middle Eastern dance artists in this country. WhetApril 2007 - Opening Number to Gala Showher performing a folkloric or cabaret style of routine, whether it be Turkish, Egyptian, Gypsy, or Interpretive, the Kismet Dancers of Miami are pioneers when it comes to presenting this style of dance. Through their many years of sponsoring workshops, and the stunning quality of their performances, Kahreen, Kira, and the rest of the Kismet Dancers of Miami have had a profound impact on the dance community in the State of Florida

        Make your next occaision a truly memorable one, experience the best that this dance has to offer...
        Whether a theme party, a birthday party, or a corporate party - the Kismet Dancers are the entertainers for you. For the finest in costuming, choreography, and glamour, let the mysteries of this ancient dance form transport your guests to another fascinating place...

        For the finest in classes, (ongoing for twenty-five years), come and see the many benefits that this dance has to offer: physical fitness, emotional well-being, and improved levels of self-confidence. Want to exercise and learn an art form at the same time? Give bellydance classes a try! Beginner to advanced level classes available!

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